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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sparkling Burgundy Bubble Bath by Prince Matchabelli c1940

Sparkling Burgundy Bubble Bath by Prince Matchabelli launched in 1940.

This bubble bath was probably inspired by Caron's Bain de Champagne, an effervescent bath additive. Sparkling Burgundy was based on the Burgundy wine. It was scented with the Prince Matchabelli fragrance Pot Pourri.

Fashions of the Hour, 1940:
"She will relax in Matchabelli's Sparkling Burgundy Bath of royal purple foam lightly scented with the fragrant Potpourri. 16 ounces."

Glass Packer, 1941:
"Wine has invaded the boudoir, as an ingredient of a novel liquid bath soap bottled by Prince Matchabelli, perfumers, of New York City. Called Sparkling Burgundy Bath, the deep-purple liquid is scented with Potpourri fragrance; a teaspoon whips up to a foam of iridescent bubbles Product comes in a four ounce flacon embossed with stars and the Matchabelli crown."


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